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Family Archivist

A family tree researcher often does not stop at recording genealogical data such as names, date, places and relationships. Describing the family history is a logical next step, where the help of the family is of great importance. Family Archivist offers the family tree researcher the opportunity to involve the family in recording / collecting family history. Via a private website, the family tree researcher, also known as "family archivist", can create a digital family archive and request the help of the family. Old documents, photos and stories can be recorded in the family history in this way.

Familie Archivaris


The family archivist can invite family, friends and acquaintances to participate. They can easily upload and describe photos and scans. They can also add family stories. Anyone who has access to the family archive can also respond to the posted material. For example, by placing reminders of a specific person or location, asking questions about the material ("Who is the lady on the left?", "Who knows where this photo was taken?") And adding answers / additional information. The family archivist also has the option to export all content in one ZIP file!

Family archive

Who has access to a family archive can add and view the following:

  • Pictures - images such as (digital / scanned) photos of (great) parents, parental home, parties, portraits and scans of official documents, but also birth cards, wedding cards, mourning cards, children's drawings, floor plans, etc. (also available as a slide show)

  • Stories - stories about the parental home, occupation, family dishes, physical descriptions, etc.

Family network

The digital family archive is set up by a family archivist, it is a private network where the family archivist can invite family, friends and acquaintances to participate. Each family archive also has a page through which people can send a request to the family archivist for access to the family archive on Family Archivist, it is the family archivist who decides whether or not access is granted.

The Family Archivist website also works as a (private) social network:

  • All participants have a profile, with name and photo;
  • The activity flow shows the latest activities of the participants;
  • Images or stories that are interesting can be classified as 'Favorites' so that they can be found quickly later;
  • All participants have the option to respond to the posted material, if desired, notifications are also sent with new responses;
  • Family archivist and participants can easily communicate with each other via the contact function.

There are many family stories and material in the family that are part of the family history. This "source" is tapped with Family Archivist, because we all know and can do more!

Save your family history, create digital family archive

Start a digital family archive

You need a subscription to set up a digital family archive as a family archivist. You can use Family Archivist for three weeks at try for free. You can then take a separate year subscription. The participants that the family archivist invites to participate in the family archive have free access to the family archive!