Save your family history, create digital family archive

Family Archivist offers family tree researchers a digital space where a family archive can be formed. Family tree researchers can invite family members to participate in this family archive: they can view the family archive, fill it with pictures, write stories and respond and supplement!

The digital spaces are private: only the "archivist" of a family archive can grant access to family and acquaintances. This way you can freely share fascinating material to give it a worthy place in family history.

Family Archivist

With genealogical research, searches are not only made in archives. Many material and stories lie with the family. That is the material that makes family history rich.

Do you not know who is in the photo, on the occasion of which it was taken or where it took place? Much knowledge is in the minds of the family. Family Archivist offers the researcher an instrument with which the family can be questioned about the family history.

In a private digital family archive the researcher can work with family and acquaintances on enriching the family history!

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